Inclusion Business Hub

"A Better Business World, Together"

Welcome to the Inclusion Business Hub, where we are dedicated to building a more diverse, inclusive, and resilient business community within the Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Our mission is to empower marginalized and underrepresented business owners, and others, offering them a supportive network of service and product providers. We're creating a hub where inspiration meets action, and where dreams of entrepreneurship turn into sustainable, thriving businesses.

We believe in creating a space where every voice can be heard and every business owner feels seen. We serve:

  1. Woman-owned businesses
  2. Minority-owned businesses
  3. Black-owned businesses
  4. Indigenous-owned businesses
  5. 2SLGBTQ+-owned businesses
  6. Military-veteran-owned businesses
  7. Refugee/immigrant-owned businesses
  8. Businesses owned by people with disabilities
  9. Young-entrepreneur-owned businesses (under 30)
  10. Businesses that employ and support veterans
  11. Businesses providing employment to individuals with disabilities
  12. Businesses supporting youth education and opportunities
  13. Locally-sourced-product businesses
  14. Businesses supporting homeless people
  15. Businesses owned by survivors of domestic abuse
  16. Animal-rescue-supporting businesses

Why Choose Us?

At Inclusion Business Hub, we provide a stepping stone for your business to connect with local, affordable service and product providers who are committed to helping you operate and grow.

Through the hub, you can discover essential resources, make key connections, and tap into a support network that understands your unique challenges and shares your vision of success. Our environment is built on respect, understanding, and mutual growth.

Join Us

Together, we can create a business world that is reflective of our diverse community, where every entrepreneur has a fair and equal opportunity to succeed.

Whether you're looking for services or offering them, whether you're a start-up or an established enterprise, Inclusion Business Hub is here for you.

Connect with us today to join this vibrant, growing network. Let's build a better business world, together.

Contact Us

Inclusion Business Hub
15 Hartlen Street, Unit 135M
Dartmouth, NS B2W 0M8

Contact us here.

Disclaimer: Services offered through the Inclusion Business Hub are intended to support the operation and growth of marginalized and underrepresented businesses. While we strive to facilitate connections with reliable service and product providers, the Inclusion Business Hub does not assume responsibility for any transactions or business engagements between the parties.